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👉 Creating design is like reading peoples minds. In today's digital world, people increasingly respond more to visuals than plain text. Which is why, in this video course, you will learn everything about design and human psychology. 👉 There are a total of 14 masterclass video tutorials in this course. Each and every one of these tutorials is full of design secrets and tricks that Rajeev has learnt and uses on a daily basis. 👉 Become a creative pro super fast with all the right resources by your side! If you start as a beginner, by the end of this course you will be prepared to start a full-fledged career in design. 👉 Learn with creative guru and YouTube sensation, Rajeev Mehta. He has 14 years of design and creative experience working with brands, big and small, all over the world. Some notable brands include Google, Hero Honda, Delhi DareDevils and Motorola.

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An A-Z of design for digital and social platform, from types of design to choosing colors to graphic elements. The first module covers a round up of what design is and how it is significantly associated with shape and human connection.

  • Types of Design 3min 29sec
  • Let’s Decode Shape 4min 57sec
  • Shape and the Brain 9min 26sec
  • Brand and Shape Connection 6min 14sec
  • How to Use Shape in Design 16min 21sec

Color is something that designers work with daily. The importance of color comes from the effect it has on the human mind and how it enhance the overall aesthetic. In this module, learn how to identify, pick and apply color to your designs.

  • How to Choose Color for Design 13min 11sec
  • The Color Trend 7min 13sec
  • How to Use Gradients in Design 10min 46sec
  • Free Color Resources 9min 36sec

Photo manipulation is one of the main features of graphic design, in which designers alter or enhance photos to achieve possible outcomes and desired results. In this module, learn how to create ads for social media using this technique.

  • What are Manipulation Ads 7min 14sec
  • How To Create Manipulation Ads 30min 48sec
  • The Secrets of Manipulation Ads Design 4min 46sec

Another important aspect of graphic design are elements, which contribute immensely to the creative process. In this module, learn about various graphic elements and to finish your training, get a masterclass on how to size and format your designs for social media.

  • The Graphic Elements 6min 31sec
  • Social Media Sizes & Formats 5min 44sec
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About Expert

Rajeev Mehta

Graphic Designer | Filmmaker | YouTuber

14 Years of Experience in the filed of Graphic Design and . Video Editing and Filmmaking


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  • Graphic Designer
  • Concept Artist
  • Advertising Art Director
  • Creative Manager

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Yes, this course is a basic to advanced masterclass. It is ideal for beginners who are looking for a crash course in Graphic Design for Digital and Social Media.

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15+ enrolled on this course